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Local Government Managers and Planners Committee


This committee consists of people who are involved with all aspects of growth due to their position in local government or as a planner. The committee will work with local government managers and planners to determine how best to address and plan for all aspects of growth in the seven-county region of the Military Growth Task Force.

Committee Tasks

  • Assist with determining and formulating recommendations concerning the best uses of land and resources for residential, business and recreational areas.
  • Assess the best way to renovate and revitalize areas in need of such assistance.
  • Assess the need and best distribution of public facilities such as schools and parks.
  • Assess the need for modernization of transportation systems, including the need for public transportation.
  • Review the adequacy of zoning regulations and determine whether such regulations need updating.
  • Determine whether zoning regulations should be implemented in those areas that currently do not have a zoning code.

Committee Chairperson: Jim Freeman

Committee Vice-Chairperson: John Langdon

Local Government Committee Meetings

  • 9:30am, September 9, 2008- Located at Havelock Tourist and Event Center at 201 Tourist Center Drive in Havelock, NC
  • 9:30am, September 23, 2008- Located at Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce at 1099 Gum Branch Rd. in Jacksonville, NC 28540


Local Government Committee Minutes

  • September 9, 2008 Managers & Planners Meeting Minutes
  • September 23, 2008 Managers & Planners Meeting Minutes